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EhoCW Güzel Bir Morse programı
« : 01 Ocak 2009, 15:20:25 »
EhoCW bilgisayar ile CW gönderip alabileceğiniz, log tutabileceğiniz güzel bir program.


Ability to set keyer speed between 5 and 60 words per minute.
Ability to Adjust the sound frequency
Interfaces : Interfaces:

PC game port (usually on the sound card) to connect the key, double or 'straight'
Serial port (COM input) from the PC to connect a key, double or 'straight'
Serial port (COM output) PC to send from the 'Keyer' to a transceiver
Ability to choose the COM port
COM or USB support (Only those who meet the RS232 standard)
Differents ways of keying

With the PC keyboard
With a 'straight key'
with a double key
characters buffering
Ability to assign messages to function keys
Record texts in' variables' that can then played by clicking on buttons
Synchronized handling: You can hear the text that is keying in with a straight key (learn timings) on a earphone while  hearing the automatic keyer on the other earpiece.
Ability to change the inter-character spacing and inter-words
Text conversions to CW

'Wav' file format.
'mp3' file format (with use of  blade encoder, freeware GNU licence),
'midi' (‘general midi’ standard) file formats
Ability to Decode:

What you key in can be displayed as text
Ability to decode via the sound card (include a 3rd order Butterworth digital band pass filter of 50 hertz width.
Text generator

Allows generation or groups of words
Selection of characters among the desired letters, numbers and punctuation,
Ability of inserting words into groups
Ability to generate groups of fixed or variable sizes
Configuration Management (save of pre-set configurations)
Words generation from multilingual dictionaries
Dictionary Manager, you can add your own word files.
Words Filtering based on size or content
Divers : Miscellaneous:

Ability to saves what you keyed in.
Displays UTC time
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